Programmable Logic Controller Trainers PLC-CQM1H-CPU21

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The PLC-CQM1H-CPU21 Programmable Logic Controller Trainer developed on the basis of experiments, training system for training, test and appraisal of technicians and engineers. It focuses on the application of PLC in training and manipulation of power drag, automation process control, NC machine tools and simulation technique, so it is a powerful tool for experiments, training and tests in technical institutes, colleges and universities. Students can design circuits, make and input programs, assemble circuits, inspect as well as to complete the whole process.


  • Portable casing with storage compartment for cables
  • PLC module CQM1H CPU with built-in standard of 16 inputs,16 outputs
  • Programming port RS232C programming cables
  • USB to RS232 Converter for RS232C port
  • Standard 24Vdc switching power supply unit • 16 integrated input LED indicators
  • 16 integrated output LED indicators
  • 16 integrated input toggle switches
  • 48 integrated banana plugs for :
    • 16 inputs o 16 outputs
    • 8 points of 24Vdc
    • 8 points of 0V
  • Programming software (Student Evaluation Version)
  • Programming console with 2m connecting cable.
  • PLC manual and Experiment Manual

Programming Examples

  • Example 1 : Utilization of Toggle Switch and Push Button
  • Example 2:  Utilization of Counter and Buzzer.
  • Example 3 : Utilization of Delay-ON Timer , Internal Relay and Motor
  • Example 4 : Utilization of Timer
  • Example 5 : Traffic Lights Control Simulation

Expansion Experiments Modules (Optional)

1. Automatic Washing Machine Experiments Module : PLC-EM01 (Optional)PLC-EM01-P2

2. Electroplating Production Line Experiments Module PLC-EM02 (Optional)


3. Stepper Motor Control Experiments Module PLC-EM03 (Optional)


4. Traffic Lights Automatic & Manual Control Experiments Module PLC-EM04 (Optional)


5. Motor control Experiments Module PLC-EM05 (Optional)


6. Tower Lights Control Experiments Module PLC-EM06 (Optional)


7. Vehicle Automatic Feeding & Loading Experiments Module PLC-EM07 (Optional)


8. Water Tower Level Control Experiments Module PLC-EM08 (Optional)


9. Automatic Rolling Mill Experiments Module PLC-EM09 (Optional)


10. Automatic Molding Machine Experiments Module PLC-EM10 (Optional)


11. Automatic Liquids Blending Experiments Module PLC-EM11 (Optional)


12. Mails Allocation Machine Experiments Module PLC-EM12 (Optional)


13. 4-Storey Elevator Control Experiments Module PLC-EM13 (Optional)



Note : These trainer’s outlook & specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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