Illuminated Fault System Kit EM-58203

Illuminated Fault System Kit EM-58203

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The system deals with standard installation circuits for all general service lamps and fluorescent lamps in conjunction with our training panel system. This requires no tools so the trainee can concentrate entirely on putting his accrued knowledge into practice. Particular emphasis is placed on adherence to the applicable regulations governing electrical installations.

Safety sockets and Test Lead Set guarantee optimal low-voltage range protection against personal injury during the experiments.

The experiments permit practice-oriented, hands-on training to be carried out, thus assuring the trainees of the proficiency needed to handle the tasks and the equipment found in this field. The training panels and functional units with block circuit diagrams and signal diagrams permit clear and understandable assembly of the experiment circuits. Beginning with the basic circuits, the student proceeds to tackle more complex circuits in electrical system using a proven step-by-step method designed for didactic results. And of course, the model behind the entire system is the circuitry used in industrial applications.


i. ELCB 2P 25A iF 30mA
ii. MCB 2P 10A 6kA

i. Fluorescent 12W - 20W
ii. Rapid Start type 12W - 20W
iii. Incandescent Lamp 100W - 200W
iv. Mixed-Light 100W - 200W
v. Mercury Vapour 100W - 150W

Control switch:
i. Photo Switch, Dimmer Switch
ii. Latching Relay 220Vac, Push Button
iii. One way Switch, Two way switch
iv. Intermediate switch

Ballast: 12 - 20W Ballast / Electronic Ballast

Measurement: Kilowatt Hour Meter


i. Model and Brand Brochure
ii. Instruction and Operation Manual
iii. Maintenance and Service Manual
iv. Experiment Topic
• Fluorescent 18W, preheat lamp
• Compact fluorescent lamp 18W, rapid start
• Fluorescent 18W, ballast electronics
• Mercury lamp 160W (without ballast)
• Dimmer circuit for Incandescent lamp
• Dimmer circuit for Fluorescent lamp
• Photo switch
• One-way switch
• Two-way switch
• Mixed light
• Incandescent lamp
• Kilowatt hour meter


Warranty period of one (1) year from the date of installation and commissioning and handling over.


To supply, installation, commissioning and testing of the equipment before final acceptance.

Each individual unit within this system is complete wired internally. The whole system are assembled and interconnected together at site. Commissioning of this system includes testing, start-up and demonstration on the operation procedures.


To provide training which cover the following:

i. Hands on experimental training with theoretical explanation
ii. Installation, calibration and maintenance


Note: Layout and specification may change without prior notices for products continuous development and improvement process.

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