Function Generator SPF05/10/20/40/80/120

Function Generator SPF05/10/20/40/80/120

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o Using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology
o 0.2mV Output Amplitude for Small Signal
o 100uHz~120MHz frequency range for main waveforms
o 100MHz equal-accuracy frequency counter
o Store/recall 10 waves panel setting
o Arbitrary setting of start and stop for frequency sweep output
o More than 30 kinds of output waveform (arbitrary is optional)
o 13-charracter highly visible VFD
o RS232 interface, GP-IB interface option

Technical Data SPF05/10/20/40/80/120
Main output Output frequency 100μHz~5MHz(SPF05) 100μHz~10MHz(SPF10) 100μHz~20MHz(SPF20) 100μHz~40MHz(SPF40) 100μHz~80MHz(SPF80) 100μHz~120MHz(SPF120) Sine:100uHz~5/10/20/40/80/120 MHz
Square and TTL:100uHz~5/10/20/40MHz
Other and stored waveform:100uHz~100KHz
Output amplitude 1mVp-p~10Vp-p(50Ωload)(f≤40MHz)
Output wave sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp, ladder and etc. more than 30 waveforms
Output modulation single frequency, sweep frequency, AM,FM,FSK,PSK
Wave length 8~16000 points
Wave accuracy 12bits
Sampling rate 300Msa/s
Frequency resolution 1μHz
Frequency accuracy ≤±0.0005%
Amplitude resolution 1μVp-p
Amplitude accuracy ≤±1%+0.2mV
Amplitude flatness ±3%
Offset range ±10V
Offset resolution 1μV
Offset error <±(1%+10mV)
AM modulation depth 1%~120%
FM modulation deviation Max.50%
PM modulation range 0.1°~360.0°
Phase resolution 0.1°
Sine wave Harmonic distortion -50dBC
Distortion factor ≤0.1%
Square wave Rise time ≤15ns
SYMM. 0.1%~99.9% adjustable
40MHz~120MHz Output amplitude 13dBm
Amplitude flatness ±1dB
Attenuation 0~-76dB
Resolution -0.1dB
Arbitrary wave module(Option) Frequency range 100μHz~100kHz
Wave length 8~16000 points
Resolution 10 bits
Counter Frequency range 1Hz~100MHz
Counting capacity ≤4.29×109
Time base Frequency 10MHz
Stability ±1×10-6/d
Power supply 110~127VAC±10%/220~240VAC±10%,50Hz±2Hz/60Hz±2Hz
Dimension(W×H×D) 255×100×370mm
Weight 2.5kg

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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