Elevator Trainer (Transparent Type) EM-80400

Elevator Trainer (Transparent Type) EM-80400

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EM-80400 Elevator Trainer is developed after thorough research & study, elaborate design for the demonstration experiments of elevator and industrial automation specialities in all kinds of universities & colleges, vocational & technical schools, labour & employment training certers. It also is suitable for training the personnel in the elevator maintenance and manage departments of high buildings. It can make more people know and use elevator better, train more people specializing in elevator to meet the need of elevator development. The model adopts the structure of most common up-down elevator, and is made of transparent organic materials, having almost the all functions of real elevator.

The electric & electronic control system of model adopts Panasonic PLC from Japan for intelligent control and AC variable frequency speed regulation drive (VFFF), the hardware composition & functions are as same as real elevators. It has the functions such as automatic stabilization, automatic door closing, responding to the internal & external calling signals in sequence, uninterruptible ascending & descending, operation protection, sudden stop, inspection & maintenance, slow ascending, slow descending, lighting, fans and so on, in addition, it has the features such as: reliable performance, stable operation, easy manipulation, low power consumption, suitable for teaching etc.

These model adopts frequency converter as the speed regulator for 3-phase AC traction motor. The regulator adopts voltage vector control, can make motor have the functions such as acceleration & deceleration control, forward & reverse rotation control, jog control and analogy input control, as well as protections for phase loss, phase disorder, phase error, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, overload, stalling etc.

The logic control of the elevator system can be fulfilled by NAIS PLC FPO series attached with FPO-E16 (8 inputs, 8 outputs) extension unit the output method is relay output. Through RS422 or RS232 interface on the mainframe, it can communicate with PLC or PC, by FPWINGR software, users can use trapezoid drawings for programming and debugging, which is direct viewing and easy for the primary learners to master.


1.        Main elevator module includes speed converter, Program logic controller FPO series, FP1-E16 (8 inputs, 8 outputs) extension unit;

2.        FPO peripheral equipment appropriate communication cable;

3.        Instruction Manual of FPO PLC;

4.        Instruction Manual for Elevator trainer.

Technical Specification :

  • Dimension: Height x Length x Width = 2400 x 1450 x 1160 (mm)
  • Net weight: 160kg
  • Capacity: 10kg
  • Speed regulator
  • Input voltage: 240V
  • Input frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated current: 2.5A
  • Power: 0.75KW
  • Traction machine: speed ratio ; 30:1
  • Modulus: 1.5 (worm wheel speed reducer)
  • Traction motor type: JW524
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Power: 0.12KW
  • Rotation speed: 1400 rpm
  • Control mode: PLC control
  • Speed regulation modes: AC variable frequency
  • Structure: 4 floors
  • Elevator stabilizing organ

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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