DC Servo Motor Trainer MT-SDC04

DC Servo Motor Trainer MT-SDC04

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This Trainer system is a compact & advanced version for class room experiment set up for the students to operate and study a practical speed measurement using optical sensors and speed control system.


o PWM Chopper Drive using MOSFET
o DC Servo Motor
o Speed Sensor
o PI Loop for Speed


o DC Motor, mounted on acrylic casing
o Eddy current brake for loading
o Speed Range : 0 to 1500 RPM
o Speed Sensor fixed on the frame
• Photon interrupter with optical Encoders.
o One F/V converter provided to convert the pulses to voltage output,
o Speed controller provided to select
• Proportional circuit
• Proportional plus integral circuit
o 3½ digit display to display the speed of the DC Servo motor, set value etc.
o A Switch provided to select the reference or the actual Speed.
o All Important signals are terminated at sockets so that the student can monitor / measure the signals using DSO, DVM, Frequency counter etc.


o PWM based MOSFET Power Amplifier
o MOSFET as power device
o Rating : 500V @ 8 Amp
o Control circuitry with opto-coupler Isolation.
o Potentiometer provided to control the duty cycle of the chopper
o Provision to feed the control voltage to vary the duty cycle from the personal computer / Microprocessor / Microcontrollers.


o Input 240V ±10%, 50Hz, Single phase AC
o ±5V, ±15V at 0.5A DC regulated output for control circuitry


o Study of closed loop control system
o Determination of DC servo motor transfer function
o Determination of transfer function of closed loop control of DC servo motor with PI controller
o Study of closed loop control system with proportional control
o Study of closed loop control system with PI control
o Study of steady state error variation with the gain of controller
o Study of transient performance of the system with forward gain

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices

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