Programmable Logic Controller Trainer PLC-CP1E20

Programmable Logic Controller Trainer PLC-CP1E20

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The EDU-LABS Programmable Logic Controller Trainer is powerful and flexible systems ideally suited to your specialized needs. Omron is a leader in industrial automation and many factories commonly use their products. The systems in our trainers are compatible with a variety of accessories and peripherals, thus allowing them to be easily expanded into larger systems. This trainer is suitable for the students to develop competence in operating, programming, and troubleshooting modern PLC control circuits. Several models of trainers are available in different sizes. These trainers are Basic Training Package, intermediate training package and advanced training package according to their difficulty level and equipments needed. A student experiment manual is provided to guide the student through the experiments. The experiments are chosen to cover the topics from basic familiarization of the PLC up to programming and applications.


o PLC module OMRON CP1E-E20SDR-A with built-in 12 inputs and 8 outputs (Relay Output Type)
o PLC module with which 12 Input & 8 Outputs Binding Post socket for external interface
o Programming USB port with programming cable
o 24VDC Power Supply Module
o 12 integrated input toggle switches
o 8 integrated output Pilot lamp indicators
o Input Voltage Polarity Module
o 39 integrated Binding Post Socket for :
o 12 points of inputs
o 8 points of outputs
o 3 points of 24Vdc
o 3 points of 0V
o 6 integrated Safety Socket for :
o 4 points of 240Vac
o 4 points of 0Vac
o Operation voltage: 240 VAC, 50Hz, 5A Fused Protected
o PLC Programming software CX-One (Student Evaluation Version)
o Manual in CD
o USB Programming Cable
o 3 Pin Power Cord

Expansion Experiments Modules (Optional)

1. Automatic Washing Machine Experiments Module : PLC-EM01 (Optional)


2. Electroplating Production Line Experiments Module PLC-EM02 (Optional)


3. Stepper Motor Control Experiments Module PLC-EM03 (Optional)


4. Traffic Lights Automatic & Manual Control Experiments Module PLC-EM04 (Optional)


5. Motor control Experiments Module PLC-EM05 (Optional)


6. Tower Lights Control Experiments Module PLC-EM06 (Optional)


7. Vehicle Automatic Feeding & Loading Experiments Module PLC-EM07 (Optional)


8. Water Tower Level Control Experiments Module PLC-EM08 (Optional)


9. Automatic Rolling Mill Experiments Module PLC-EM09 (Optional)


10. Automatic Molding Machine Experiments Module PLC-EM10 (Optional)


11. Automatic Liquids Blending Experiments Module PLC-EM11 (Optional)


12. Mails Allocation Machine Experiments Module PLC-EM12 (Optional)


13. 4-Storey Elevator Control Experiments Module PLC-EM13 (Optional)


Note: Specification, Layout, Design etc. May Change Without Prior Notice For Products Continuous Development Process.

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