Decade Inductance Boxes IBOX Series

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Decade Inductance boxes are manufactured using high permeability and custom wound ferrite core inductances, available in one or more dials. Each dial consisting of 10 steps, housed in powder coated cabinet.


General purpose laboratory precision instrument whose inductance value can be varied from 0.1mH to 10H, in steps of 0.1mH. Suitable in modern laboratories engaged in research, design & development of electronic circuits, filter networks, equalizers, turned circuits, oscillators, frequency analyzers, etc. in audio & low radio frequency regions, as a temporary can be used up to 10MHz.

Suitable for LPF, HPF, and BPF design & experiments.


- Range : 10uH ā€“ 1000mH,

- Dial : 4 to 6 Dials

- Tolerance : 5% ( 100uH. 1mH step range)

- High permeability and custom wound ferrite core inductances

- Residual Resistance < 0.3 ohm

- Residual Inductance < 2mH

- Accuracy : Ā± 5% at 1KHz

- Q : 25 to 150.

- 4mm connector socket terminals

- Terminal ā€œGā€ to true earth 28pF

Note: Polystyrene and polycarbonate capacitors have very high insulation resistance. Consequently, they are high time constant of several hours.

Model No.                           in the steps of                                                          Total Capacitance

Four Dials

IBOX-B-4-0.1m                0.1mH, 1mH, 10mH, 100mH                               1.111H

IBOX-B-4-1m                  1mH, 10mH, 100mH, 1H                                    11.11H

Five Dials

IBOX-B-5-0.1m                0.1mH, 1mH, 10mH, 100mH, 1H                         11.111H

Five Dials

IBOX-B-6-0.01m              0.01mH, 0.1mH, 1mH, 10mH, 100mH, 1H            11.1111H

Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice.

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